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ABOUT REESSA REESSA Consulting UG (Ltd) is a young consulting company. We advise investors and operators of energy storage facilities worldwide. We specialize in pumped storage systems. In addition to technical design and operational management, we have specialized in market simulation and market forecasting in recent years. Each of our projects is always viewed in a technical and economic market context. Only then are meaningful and long-term investment decisions possible in a rapidly changing market. We were able to transfer the experience gained from the technically and economically complex analyses of pumped storage projects to other storage technologies. Our goal is to accompany the development of the global storage markets and to optimize projects. We do not advise in order to provide advice, but rather to support projects of which we are convinced in a targeted manner. Tobias Dertmann (MSc) is the founder and managing director of REESSA Consulting. After studying mechanical engineering with a focus on renewable energies, he began his professional career at Vattenfall Europe. There he worked in the pump storage technology department. He was involved in the planning for the new building concept of the PSP Niederwartha and in the development and implementation of the virtual pumped storage power plant of Vattenfall Hydro with a total control capacity of +/- 2800 MW. Technical optimisation and market analyses in the spread and control power range was one of his main areas of expertise. In 2016, he worked for the government in Guyana (South America) for 3 years, helping to develop and build hydropower projects. Since 2017 he has been working on the development of REESSA Consulting and founded it in 2019.

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